Dedicated Servers

A large web project or application needs more than a standard shared web hosting package. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of dedicated servers for rent. This way you can use your server for large and resource consuming projects. You have full control over this machine and can choose to install many Linux distributions or Windows systems in order to fulfill your needs. With a dedicated server you also get following services:
  • ArrowRemote reboot is available on every machine, so you can always reboot your server by using our online control panel.
  • ArrowA rescue console can be loaded if your server does not respond anymore. Using the console you can access your data and make changes in configuration files or have a look at the system log to see what went wrong.
  • ArrowHardware upgrades can be installed within a short time frame on demand, which gives you the possibility to be more flexible while using your dedicated server.
  • ArrowIPv6 addresses are available on demand in addition to ordinary IPv4 addresses as they are becoming more important every day and their use will be inevitable in a few years.
You did not find what you are looking for? We will expand our dedicated server product line during the next months or you can contact us already today to get a customized server offer.
Dedicated Servers